Blackfeet Food Pantry donating food baskets to furloughed federal employees

Posted at 9:58 AM, Jan 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-23 12:05:40-05

BROWNING – MTN News brought you a story from the Blackfeet Food Distribution Program earlier this week.

We spoke with the director of that program who also operates the Blackfeet Food Pantry on Tuesday. The two programs are separate.

The USDA funds the commodity program and the food pantry strictly runs on donations and a small budget.

Roy Crawford said through the food pantry he will donate food baskets to furloughed federal employees and expects to distribute the baskets sometime next week.

Crawford receives donations from several organizations including the Montana Food Bank Network, the Montana Hunters Association, the Missoula Food Bank, the Great Falls Community Food Bank, Blackfeet Fish and Game and the Blackfeet Buffalo Program

Those who are employed and not receiving a paycheck due to the government shutdown have a chance to be eligible for a basket through the food pantry.

“This is a time of crisis and this program, both programs, help people in need. I don’t pass judgment on anybody. If you are in need, they come see me and I will provide what I can for them,” Crawford said.

Crawford added he tries to make the baskets well-balanced meals.

If you wish to apply to receive a food basket, you can reach Crawford at (406) 338-7340 or email him at

-Elizabeth Transue reporting for MTN News