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A day in the life of a Montana tow truck operator

Posted at 11:19 AM, Jan 06, 2022

GREAT FALLS — Temperatures are dropping and the snow has been falling — making now a prime time for jump starts and accidents

Casey Pozder at Carnahan Towing has been pulling up to accidents for over a decade, “unfortunately it's not uncommon to end up in the river.”

During the winter is when things really heat up.

“The batteries don't do well in this weather and then wind shouts because the roads are getting slick and people will end up in a ditch,” Pozder noted.

The Montana Department of Transportation reports 2021 was a record year for automotive-related deaths, and ice is no one's friend.

Additionally, the recommended life span of a car battery in Montana is two years and after that, it will see more and more problems with every winter it lives through.

“The older the battery, the harder it is to try to get the vehicle to start, so when you get the colder temperatures like today being in the negatives it's more wear and tear on an older battery than one you got last year or even the year before,” Pozder explained.

Jump starts, ditch recovering, or whatever predicament you may find yourself in, help is only a call and a tow truck away.