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Montana gym hosts 24-hour burpee challenge for veterans

Posted at 1:51 PM, Nov 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-11 13:57:44-05

BILLINGS — Thompson Fitness Underground in Billings is bringing awareness and help for veterans.

"I’ve just really been an advocate for veterans, what they do for us, we need to do as much as we can for them," Thompson Fitness Underground owner Jim Thompson said.

Thompson Fitness Underground is participating in a 24-hour burpee challenge for the Courage Foundation. The foundation hopes to raise $250,000 to help veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress as well as reaching 22 million burpees.

"So, the courage Foundation was started by Mark Devine who was an ex-Navy SEAL and he helps 18-month immersive programs to get these guys the tools," Thompson said.

This is the second year the gym participated and are hoping to beat their previous record of 14,000 burpees.

"We don’t want to just think about these guys on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, we want to think about these guys, every day, because they put their life on the line, or are putting their life on the line," Thompson said.

Anyone can donate burpees to the cause. "We can modify them, if you have physical limitations, everybody just gives it a shot," Thompson said.

Thompson is certain that this event is something that will be continued into future years. "Watching football, doing burpees and eating garbage, it’s awesome, it makes you feel like you really did something," Thompson said.

For more information on the Courage Foundation or to donate you can visit their website here.