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American Sign Language for business classes offered in Great Falls

Posted at 11:00 AM, Mar 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-04 13:04:46-05

GREAT FALLS — American Sign Language has evolved over decades and helped the deaf community be able to communicate with expressive and receptive signing.

For someone who is deaf, there are everyday tasks that can be made more difficult when they can’t easily communicate.

Conservatory ASL Northwest is trying to build a bridge by offering American Sign Language classes tailored to help specific business owners and employees understand the basics, and how they can implement ASL in their day to day business.

“We’ve noticed that sometimes Deaf people have conflict with businesses, so we’d like to change that. And to encourage that partnership between both the business and the Deaf community, and to learn how to work together,” Amee Sevrie signed.

The classes will be offered in sessions of six classes starting very basic and getting more involved with each class. Tuesday’s class hosted employees from several organizations, including the Great Falls Public Library, KRTV, the Children’s Museum of Montana, and Centene.

But if you didn’t get in on Tuesday’s class another session will be offered in the future. Their full schedule can be found here.

“We will be very willing to set up classes with individual businesses If they want to invite us to their place of business, we can set up classes for that particular business and yes we will be offering other classes in the future,” signed Amee.

The group also offers classes for beginning ASL, as well as classes for children or parents who are interested in learning ASL - click here for more information , or click here to check out the Facebook Event page.