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Arrival of Spring means wedding season in Montana

Great Falls Floral owner Kourtney Volk
Arrowpeak Lodge near Highwood
Posted at 4:53 PM, Mar 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-25 19:06:02-04

GREAT FALLS — Spring is here, and that means it is also wedding season, and it's already looking busy for Great Falls Floral owner Kourtney Volk.

"We've got quite a few bookings already.”

While the pandemic may still be keeping weddings small, Volk says that means more money is being spent on decorations like flowers since less is being spent on guest accommodations.

"Roses are always classic, but more of a wildflower (arrangement) with big showpieces is what brides are looking for,” said Volk. "It's nice because then we can get exactly what the customers want to make their day as special and custom as possible."

"I think just because of what we've been through they've made it more feasible for the people around them as well as sizing down to make it much more personal," Volk added.

At Arrowpeak Lodge near Highwood, owned by Montana Farmers Union, the wedding season is already off to a good start.

"We did not actually have a season up there last year. We closed our facility up due to COVID,” said Violet Green, MFU Education Coordinator. "Most of the weddings have already been booked for the last two years."

How big the weddings will be was still somewhat of an unknown. "It sounds like there are quite a few bigger weddings actually. I haven't been in contact with them to see if they're downsizing or if they're not."

Green added that what will be done about masks and social distancing was still being looked into as of Thursday, and guests are still encouraged to follow CDC guidelines.