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Billings family of slain teen frustrated with lack of arrests

Posted at 11:05 AM, Feb 13, 2022

BILLINGS — Nearly a month after Khoen Parker was murdered, friends and family gathered outside the Yellowstone County Courthouse to honor his memory with a vigil. Many are frustrated that no arrests have been made.

“We need an arrest. We need somebody out there that’s responsible for this to unfortunately pay for what they did,” said Khoen’s mother, Jenny Parker.

Khoen was shot and killed on Jan 16 at Castle Rock Park in the Heights. The family says that 15 to 20 people were close by when the shooting occurred, but no suspects have been identified.

“There are so many kids that were there, and it’s just crazy that we don’t know who did this yet,” said Khoen’s aunt Jessica Radford.

Friends and family have been persistent in investigating what happened.

“We’re going to continue to push forward, we’re going to continue to do our own investigation, we’ve narrowed it down,” said family friend Stacey Schumer.

Family friend, Rachel Dehler, owns the High Tide Bar and Casino. She crowdfunded reward money through her casino to give to anyone with information on Khoen’s death.

“Five different people have come forward, and it’s all the same names, it’s all the same information, and I’m hoping that these names manifest into justice,” Dehler said.

MTN spoke with Khoen’s stepfather, Andrew Burt, before the vigil. He described Khoen as a wonderful person.

“He scored high in every value that we measure people by really. He was loved greatly by so many,” Burt said.

Khoen’s death has taken a toll on the family.

“I don’t know what to do, or how to be. Of course, of course we’re angry, I’m angry for what they did to my family,” said Burt.

The family also spoke out against the rising gun violence in Billings.

“We just want to end the violence around here. Something’s got to change. Nobody’s child should end up dead,” said Jenny Parker.

The family is still seeking answers and will not stop searching until justice for Khoen is served.

“I mean this will never, never stop. And if there was something that would happen to me, there are a dozen people that will step up in my spot, and it will never end until we get the desired outcome,” Burt said.