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Billings featured in HGTV's 'House Hunters', showcases single mom's search

House Hunters in Billings showcases single mom's search for affordable housing
Posted at 9:20 AM, Oct 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-13 11:20:51-04

BILLINGS — With a new episode of HGTV's House Hunters featuring Billings airing this month, a former participant is reflecting on the home she bought in Billings with cameras in tow.

In March 2022, single mom Lyndsi Schulz was asked to participate in the show along with her Realtor.

Schulz had been living with her parents and working day and night to save up enough money for a down payment on a home.

With her five kids in tow, Schulz agreed to be on the show.

“When I was selected to do the show, I was a bit nervous, kind of excited," Schulz explains. "It was kind of something new that I was pushing myself into doing."

But Schulz met with a few obstacles when she was initially approved for less of a mortgage than she was hoping.

The housing market in Billings is great for sellers, but buyers oftentimes find themselves being outbid.

"I was putting offers in on them, but I was getting overbid on them," Schulz says. "I was being very particular because I wanted to raise my kids in something very specific, so I wanted something that they could be proud of too.”

But Schulz was finally able to purchase her first home, with the help of her agent, Robin Windham.

"I just love her family. I just felt like, such a deserving family, for a first-time homebuyer as well," Windham says. "All that they’ve been through for them to be able to feel settled, feel like they have a safe place, to call their own was just such a blessing. It was a joy to be a part of.”

Schulz ended up paying $324,900 for the Heights home, just under the median for the area at that time of $345,000.

And the family is adjusting well, happy to have a home to call their own.

"It was kind of a huge obstacle that I felt like I kind of jumped through. I had struggled for so long trying to save up the money for the down payment and everything," Schulz says. "So it was a huge relief. All of my kids fit right in at the house. So it was great.”

The most recent episode of "House Hunters" featuring a different Billings home aired Tuesday, Oct. 4.