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Bozeman Health responds to housing crisis with units for employees

Posted at 2:01 PM, Dec 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-10 17:12:05-05

BOZEMAN - We know there’s a worker shortage throughout Gallatin County, and a couple of things contribute to that problem, one of those things being the cost of housing.

“We don’t have an option," said Bozeman Health's Chief People Officer Edie Willey. "The housing situation here in Bozeman has grown quite substantially over the last year and it’s really becoming a crisis.”

Which led Bozeman Health to move toward plans to help their employees with housing. “We’re going to have 100 units become available starting 2023, spring, summer of 2023,” said Willey.

The new housing complex will be located near the airport in Belgrade and aims at attracting and retaining employees within Bozeman Health.

“We've got long-term employees here at Bozeman Health who are having to leave their job and leave Gallatin County in order to find a home and a location where they can afford to live," said Willey.

"We have new employees having to quit after a week or two because they’re unable to find a rental or unable to find long-term housing, and then we’ve also heard cases where we’ve had employees needing to stay overnight in a car.”

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“We’re going to have 100 units become available starting 2023, spring, summer of 2023,” said Willey.

The housing development isn’t the only new addition you’ll be seeing.

“In addition to just the housing units that will be available, there’s going to be walking trails, and a bowling alley, and a brewery, and movie theater so it’s also going to be very supportive," said Willey. "I feel for resiliency and after-work leisure and activities to kind of unwind.”

Bozeman Health currently employs more than 2,000 people and has about 500 open positions which brings the question — who will be considered for the units?

“Inclusion is really important to us, and so we are currently working out what those qualifications are," said Willey. "We’re aware that individuals of all income brackets are in need of housing.”

More details about the units will be released as they are developed.