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Bozeman School Board adopts blended return-to-school plan

Posted at 8:06 AM, Aug 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-11 10:06:12-04

BOZEMAN — The Bozeman School Board voted Monday night to adopt the blended K-12 return-to-school plan proposed by Superintendent Bob Connors.

The plan has students alternating between in-person and remote learning during the school week.

Trustees considered three options for a reopening model: a 100% remote online learning plan; a blended plan where students would spend two days in school and three days learning online; and a cohort plan that would allow for 100% in-person learning at school but with modified scheduling of classes.

For grades K-8, the vote was 4-3 in favor of the blended plan; the plan passed for high school by a vote of 5-3. Chair Sandra Wilson was only eligible to vote on the high school decision.

"No matter what decision we make, we hope the folks back it. There’s no one-way street here necessarily," said School Board Trustee Andy Willett ahead of the meeting.

Concerns over each model ranged from difficulty finding childcare on remote days, to the physical, mental and emotional health of teachers, students, and families.

"We have to please, hopefully, 51% or more, and usually we think we’re going to please a lot more people with our decisions. This one is not going to probably do that," Willett said.