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Bozeman strikes deal with developer for affordable housing

Posted at 2:38 PM, Mar 29, 2023

BOZEMAN - City of Bozeman leaders say they have had no ability to develop affordable housing, so they are working on solutions.

“It is definitely uncharted territory, would be the best way for us to describe it. But it's important,” says Bozeman City Manager Jeff Mihelich. “Creative and what we're doing with developers and builders to make that become a reality."

The city invested $5 million of American Rescue Plan dollars to build sewage infrastructure on the north side of town. 

“What we are able to get back from the developer is a tract of land which we will be able to develop for affordable housing,” says Mihelich.

So, Rob Lateiner, the developer, committed 5 acres of that land to build affordable housing, about 100 units expected to fill the space on the newly annexed land.

The development will be known as Turnrow.

“This area of town that's walkable to Billings Clinic to provide some more housing at the end of the day,” says Lateiner.

The city has called on developers to bring forward ideas and Lateiner says he approached the city about this project. 

“Attainable housing is absolutely one of the most important things that our community needs right now,” says Lateiner.

Both the developer and the city agreed to keep these five acres affordable for the community. 

“The land will be set aside with a covenant for affordable housing. And then we're going to work with the city and third parties to figure out how do we get it built,” says Lateiner.

While the city says it’s a unique approach, they plan to use methods like this in the future to bring more affordable housing to the city.

“We're using grant dollars, all those things are just creative ways for us to use the limited resources we have in the city to create affordable housing,” says Lateiner.

Construction on the development is expected to begin in 2024.