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Bozeman's CommonFont voted among best workplaces in 2021 by Outside Magazine

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Posted at 4:21 PM, Nov 24, 2021

BOZEMAN — CommonFont is a technology company based in Bozeman that prioritizes its customers and community with the hope other tech companies in the area do the same.

From philanthropic work to volunteerism, the CommonFont team gives back to the HRDC and their Griffin Place project. CommonFont CEO and co-founder Abby Schlatter emphasizes companies being a part of the community, not just in the community.

“There’s been a lot of growth in the technology sector in Bozeman. I would encourage other technology companies that are coming to Bozeman to give back to our community, to keep Bozeman a place that we all want to be, work, live, and grow,” Schlatter said.

Schlatter describes the move to Bozeman, nearly eight years ago, as deliberate, taking into consideration the quality of life and the quality of employees CommonFont would garner.

Now, CommonFont has been recognized as the ninth-best workplace on Outside Magazine’s annual “Best Places to Work in 2021” list.

“There’s been a lot of growth in the technology sector in Bozeman, and a lot of interest in our community in tech companies that want to relocate here move a portion of their office here,” Schlatter said.

With the growth in Bozeman, Schlatter hopes that other technology companies coming to the area become a part of and participate in Bozeman's community. CommonFont gives through volunteering and philanthropy to HRDC.