Capital High School students use holiday cards to spread cheer

The goal is to bring positivity amidst the pandemic.
Posted at 3:17 PM, Dec 20, 2020

HELENA — “It's a struggle sometimes, you know, keeping up with class times and meetings. Along with not seeing friends or people you usually see everyday, that's kind of detrimental and kind of the mentality of school this year," Eamon Burke, a senior at Capital High School.

Many students can agree the 2020 school year has not been a positive one as many classrooms are still being faced with consequences of the pandemic. However, one Capital High School classroom is hoping to change that negative mentality with letters.

“We wrote holiday letters to every student at Capital High to spread holiday spirit and show there's still good going on in the world even though everyone seems so down," says Malachi Syzruz, another senior part of the project.

A group of 16 Capital High students hand wrote about 78 letters each for a total of 1,327 letters to their fellow peers in the school. Each letter consists of an uplifting message, according to the class. The idea came to be after their teacher, Levi Dawes, encouraged the students to think of creative ideas that will make a positive impact in the community.

“It is a dark time that we are going through right now, but at the same time, there are a lot of pros that are happening as well,” says Mr. Dawes, a Capital High teacher. “What’s better than reaching out to a random 78 students, you know them or you don't, and they're getting a Christmas letter."

The students have mailed out the letters Friday, December 18th, 2020, and hope all students will receive their letter within the next few days.

These 16 students (nine seniors) are part of Mr. Dawes's Marketing Management course.