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Celebrating Astronomy Day with an Astronomer

Celebrating Astronomy Day with an Astronomer
Posted at 5:10 PM, May 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-03 19:11:03-04

May 2 was Astronomy Day and I spent the day learning from astronomer Rebecca Spitz.

“It is a great way to explore the universe, because there is so much you can do from the ground,” said Spitz.

For Spitz, being an astronomer is something she has always felt drawn to since the age of four.

“It was always my favorite thing in school," Spitz said. "It was always when there was science classes and there was that little tiny section on astronomy I was always really into it, then the rest of the year wasn’t into the other topics.”

Being an astronomer means odd hours, staying up late to get a look at what’s above. It also changes the way you see the world.

“There’s this kind of existential worldview that permeates into everything and you start to see existence a little bit differently,” said Spitz.

With people stuck at home teaching their kids during COVID-19, there are a few astronomy activities parents can do to change things up, such as utilizing a cheap telescope or even binoculars to look at the moon.

“You can have them go out and draw the different shapes," Spitz said. "They can compare where it was, where it is, why is it like that?

On Spitz website , there will soon be activities to do with your children, like using the sun and tin foil to cook a hot dog.