Memorial honors unknown soldiers in East Helena

Memorial honors unknown soldiers in East Helena
Posted at 1:03 PM, Nov 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-11 19:55:48-05

HELENA — At the East Helena Cemetery are four unknown soldiers believed to have been from the Civil War era.

On the back of the markers is a garden plot dedicated to the soldiers by the Daughters of the American Revolution War. A group that prides itself in the American tradition to be a member of the group, a woman, must have had a family member that served in the American Revolutionary War known as a patriot.

Veronica Bovee-Anderson, who serves as the regent for the Oro Fino chapter, says, "This is a way to say we appreciate that we know the sacrifice that they made they made the greatest sacrifice, but we as a nation, we as a community, as an individual can honor their memory."

To tie into the centennial of the tomb of unknown soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, the group created the never forget garden. The first Never Forget garden was placed in eastern Montana. "The first one we dedicated was in Pryor, Montana at Chief Plenty Coups home," says Bovee-Anderson.

She added that the Never Forget garden in East Helena holds a special place in her as her grandfather Bob Bovee served as commander for the VFW Post 10010 in 1996 when the cemetery was vandalized.

Jeff Schepp, who serves are the post commander now, says in 1996, headstones were turned over, including marking of unknown soldiers missing,

"Madalin's that had marked the gravesites of four Civil War soldiers," said Schepp. "So a company was hired to come in and look with ground sonar to be able to find the graves and right over here as you can see is where they found the four gravesites."

Now, the soldiers have a never-forget garden and dignified place to rest.

"It's important that they are at rest and at peace," added Schepp.

The dedication is sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution Oro Fino Chapter.

Daughters of the American Revolution Oro Fino Chapter