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Five more vaccinated people win money in Butte drawing

Posted at 2:57 PM, Jul 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-02 16:57:55-04

BUTTE — The second round of winners was announced Thursday afternoon in Butte's vaccination sweepstakes.

Earlier this week health officials drew five names from all the fully vaccinated people in Butte-Silver Bow and awarded them cash prizes.

The three $5,000 winners were Hadley Lingle, Kyla Marshall-Evans and Abigail Young. The two $10,000 winners were Michelle Lewis and Vincent Keirce.

Organizers hope these weekly drawings will encourage more vaccinations.

“The whole push behind all this is to give people to incentives them to come in, get your shot, you know, do the right thing, protect the people around you. You know, you might be around little kids who aren't old enough to get the vaccine yet and they're at risk, so that's not what we want everyone protected,” said the Butte Health Department’s Operations Divisions Director Diane Regan.

Commissioners approved the plan for Butte-Silver Bow that will use $500,000 of federal CARES Act money toward educating the public about the COVID-19 vaccine. Town Pump matched the $500,000 to help with cash prizes for people who get vaccinated.

The drawing winners will be announced each Thursday until September 30.