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Florence Crittenton in Helena in need of childcare workers

Florence Crittenton
Posted at 4:41 PM, Sep 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-10 18:41:43-04

HELENA — Florence Crittenton is struggling to find employees to be teachers, assistants and aids in their childcare facilities.

Right now they're hiring for a crucial role in their child care programs to help embody their mission to help provide young families abilities and services to thrive.

“Child care right now and in Montana has always been really challenging and obviously after the pandemic, with quite a few places closing down and the need for more flexible childcare and things as people head back to work, it's really become such a crucial need in our community,” said Florence Crittenton executive director Carrie Krepps.

Krepps says the organization's childcare programs help make it affordable for young families.

“So we really focused on trying to provide a lot of different opportunities for people to be able to afford high-quality childcare. So we work with the best beginning scholarship program, we offer a sliding scale even for our non-best beginnings families and really try to offer a mix of populations, different backgrounds, different abilities in our program,” said Krepps.

"Going back to frontline care is is a little bit intimidating still to people with the ongoing pandemic, and then just folks just struggling to find their own childcare so that they can come to work.”

But Krepps hopes that people who love children will apply for the positions available to help serve the members of the community who are struggling with finding childcare.

“We really want us for people to have a love of children and I have a love of that early learning environment and then we can do work to help with training and we have a very specific training protocol,” said Kreeps.

You can find all Florence Crittenton employment opportunities here.