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New Bozeman high school continues progress toward opening day

Posted at 1:41 PM, Mar 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-01 15:41:00-05

Time is ticking away, and in a matter of months, Gallatin High School will be finished and open for the school year.

““I go over once a month. It’s amazing the changes that occur,” said Bozeman Public Schools Superintendent Bob Connors.

Changes for the new school means changes for Bozeman High School.

“We’ve always been the Hawks and moving to a new school is kind of… and it goes both ways, don’t get me wrong,” Connors said.

Connors says the school is almost complete externally, and progress is being made internally, as well.

"We opened it up to the Bozeman High staff which teachers were going to transfer over to Gallatin, which teachers were going to stay over at Bozeman High," he explained.

The process for the initial transfer of teachers and students is complete, but it will be another two years before the final transfer.

“So, while the seniors will be at Bozeman High next year, there will be another transfer of teachers in two years because those senior classes will be needed at Gallatin here in two years,” Connors explained.

For Gallatin High teachers and coaches, the move was voluntary.

“No forced transfers on the coaches. No forced transfers on the teachers. It was their choice to start out there,” Connors said.

And for students, it was a matter of logistics.

“They created boundaries and so they looked at population, obviously where the growth is happening in Bozeman. But then you have to factor in your subgroups," he said.

Gallatin High is still on track to be completed by June 1.

School board administrators say the community will be invited to see the new high school sometime in April.