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Girl Scouts donate 600 boxes of cookies to Bozeman healthcare professionals

Posted at 8:11 AM, Apr 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-16 10:11:05-04

BOZEMAN — Thin mints, tagalongs and samoas — oh my!

Hundreds of healthcare professionals in and around Bozeman will now have a sweeter day thanks to the Girl Scout organization.

“Right? Cookies make everyone happy," exclaimed Jenn McFarland with the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming.

That was the motive for Wednesday’s delivery.

“We are here today because Girl Scouts of Montana & Wyoming is making an effort to donate cookies to area hospitals. We’re happy to donate 600 boxes of cookies today,” McFarland said.

That’s a lot of cookies, but the real value is the reasoning behind it.

“During these uncertain times with this pandemic, our girls really feel very strongly about bringing a bright spot to anyone’s day that they can and that is one of the reasons why we are donating the cookies to our healthcare workers,” she said.

And hopefully, there’s at least one flavor for each worker.

“So, we have samoas, thin mints, do-si-dos, tagalongs, our new lemon up cookies, tres foils,” McFarland said.

The cookies are usually sold to anyone who wants to support the organization. But this time, it was about the organization supporting others.

“Really, we just want to say thank you and show our support for everyone who’s on the front lines right now. We know it’s a very stressful time for everyone and if we can just bring a little bit of happiness and a bright spot to everyone’s day, then we’re happy. We’ve done our job,” she explained.

It was all smiles and good news today, but the Girl Scouts have had to make some changes.

“Because of this pandemic, we have delayed our cookie season. So, it’s currently postponed,” she said.

But you can still get your hands on some girl scout cookies by ordering online.

The 600 boxes of cookies donated will be distributed to all Bozeman Health locations.