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Great Falls teen earns Doctorate degree

Meet Dr. Kimberly Strable.
Kimberly Strable
Posted at 9:27 AM, Mar 20, 2021

GREAT FALLS — Meet Dr. Kimberly Strable. On Thursday morning, at just 17 years old, this Great Falls teen successfully presented her dissertation defense virtually to receive her Doctorate in Business Administration with an emphasis in Global Leadership from California Intercontinental University.

"I'm the third youngest in world history to ever get a doctorate in any subject, the youngest in all world history to ever get a doctorate in business and the youngest in American history to get a doctorate in any field,” Strable said.

"I was just so happy and glowing. So relieved because it's been such a long journey and it's always been a next step and a next step. To finally recognize I am now officially a doctor, super amazing,” said Strable.

Her education is already paying off: "Right now I'm actually working on some legal battles, discrimination I faced because of my age. So that's a really interesting part and I've actually applied some of my knowledge and I'm working on that. But after all that wraps up, I plan on trying to get into executive management,” she Strable.

And she's not the only one in her family to get a degree at a young age: "My older sister, she graduated with her master's a few days after turning 18 years old,” Strable said.

Her father Greg said Kimberly's accomplishment is amazing: "While she was going through her doctorate, we worked hard, too, to make sure when she was test-taking and things like that, we would be quiet at certain times and we'd make sure that she had every bit of support that she needed. We don't push the kids, we encourage the kids. If they're feeling ready, then we're ready to explore that with them."

Kimberly's advice to others? "Passion and dedication is going to get you so far. If you're passionate about it, go after it, in anything that you do. Go big. Reach for the stars,” she said.

She also has three younger siblings who she anticipates pursuing degrees at a young age.

California Intercontinental University is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. It is not accredited by a regional accreditation organization. Click here to read about the difference between national and regional accreditation.