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Hamilton students taking advantage of college application week

Posted at 7:24 PM, Sep 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-01 12:58:18-04

HAMILTON — High school seniors have enough things to worry about as they prepare for the next step in their lives but the Montana University System is making it a little easier for students to apply for college.

It's college application week for seniors across Montana, making it easier for them to explore going to a school here in Big Sky country.

"Students are applying to schools that normally wouldn't apply to our Montana schools, so it's really a great opportunity for the students to actually apply and go through the process," Hamilton High School counselor Ellen Ryter said.

"Just had to put in my basic info and then I got to send it to pretty much any college I wanted to in the state of Montana," Hamilton senior Tyler Burrows said.

Applications are free during this time period, allowing students who are looking at out-of-state schools to check in-state first.

"I probably wouldn’t have applied to in-state schools if I didn’t have this option it was really quick and easy, especially since we could do it during school," Hamilton senior Isabella Sidoruk said.

Even for students looking to stay in-state, it allows them to explore all Montana schools from MSU-Billings to Montana Tech and the University of Montana.

"Instead of having to go through the application process over and over just being able to do it all within the click of a mouse it just makes it all, life 10 times easier," Hamilton senior Brendan Nelson said.

"I want to go into like teaching so MSU is good for that and it really helped me know like that’s going to be better for me to go to than a different program," Hamilton Senior Madeline Duball told MTN News.

High school seniors can go online to apply and this year because of COVID-19 they have an extra week to get those applications in.

Private schools like Carroll or Rocky are not included in the Montana University System application, however, applications are still free for those institutions.