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Hardin residents ready to work with new police department

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Posted at 3:30 PM, Jan 28, 2022

Old-fashioned community policing is what the new Hardin police chief said he wants at a community meeting at The Depot in Hardin Thursday night, as the department works with the citizens on crime prevention.

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About 45 people came out for the second community meeting for the department that he came here to start in August. Since then, Police Chief Donald Babbin has hired four officers and expects to hire four more.

The city attorney says he has seen more cases brought to him in January than he's seen in years.

Citizens came out with the idea of watching out for each other and helping the police.

"We will get crime taken care of things will get better," said Hardin resident Claudine Farrar, who spoke positively about the new department. "And if we work as a community, things will probably slow down where we won't have so much crime. People working together is going to be the deal. We need things done. Things need to be changed, different. Everybody needs to get along. Everybody needs to work together as a community."

"Like I said tonight at this meeting, there's towns and cities around the country, that are defunding the police," Babbin said. "The city of Hardin has created its own police force. And to me that sets the tone and sets the the the fundamental citizenship for the city."

Babbin hopes to hold community meetings monthly, which he says are important for both citizens and officers.