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"Horseless Horse" program helps kids learn about horses

"Horseless Horse" program helps kids learn about horses
"Horseless Horse" program helps kids learn about horses
Posted at 2:53 PM, Nov 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-02 16:53:44-04

VAUGHN — Brooke Gerard is the 4-H leader of a program called "Horseless Horse," a project where kids who may not have the means to own a horse can come ride and learn everything they possibly need to know about horses.

“It gives them a chance to really get to know and love and play with a horse, and really sets them up for success for when they are older and want to buy their own horse, they will know how to do it responsibly,” explained Gerard.

With the help of her crew and her horses, the program has made a difference in many kids' lives.

One girl who started in the program and then “horsed up” is Hannah Rhodes. She began the program when she was only 10, and two years later she was able to get her own horse and take care of it just as well as someone who has been around horses their whole life.

"Horseless Horse" program helps kids learn about horses
Hannah Rhodes

“I’m really glad that I did Horseless Horse where Brooke taught me everything there is to know about horses,” she said.

Rhodes is confident that without this program there was no way she would’ve ever owned her own horse.

For more information about Horseless Horse contact the 4H Cascade County Extension Office at 406-454-6980, or click here to visit the website.