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How some Montanans are 'climbing over' their New Year's resolution goals

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Posted at 3:11 PM, Jan 11, 2023

HELENA - Every time the New Year begins, gyms see an increase in members joining the gym to reach their New Year's resolution goals.

While that may be the more popular choice, traditional gyms aren't for everyone, leaving News Year's goals out of reach for some.

Thankfully, there are places like Stone Tree Climbing Center that can help people get a firm grip on their resolutions.

Stone Tree Climbing Center in Helena is a community-oriented space that uses indoor rock climbing as a vehicle for entertainment, exercise, improvement of skill, and empowerment.

Stone Tree Climbing Center owner and operator Bob Goodwyn says he sees a difference when it gets cold out, especially around the New Year.

"Most climbers show up at the gym when it starts getting cold in like October, but we do have an increase of people interested in climbing and we like to give folks that benefit of if they do sign up in January we wave their sign up fee," said Goodwyn.

At Stone Tree, they have a variety of levels for different skill sets, all the way from a beginner to experienced climbers.

"People like to think that it's a, you know, an upper body centered activity. In truth, it's very much full-body activity. And it's also a way of gaining strength through movement. Um, some people don't engage as well with weightlifting or with exercise classes, but this is a bit of a class and it's in its own and it's also very well graduated in," said Goodwyn.

One thing they're especially proud of is the supportive community that they harnessed together.

"We wrote a business plan and try to structure everything we do here at the gym with a community-centered mindset, whether that means somebody behind the desk, you can say hello and greet you by name or that you can check in at the front desk and meet your friends here to do your climbing," said Goodwyn.

In January, Stone Tree Climbing Center is offering a 'skip the start-up fee' if you pay electronically for the start of the New Year. You can go to their site for more information here.