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Local podcast provides new perspectives on topics in Missoula

Posted at 3:01 PM, Sep 04, 2021

MISSOULA — When you walk into the Gallagher Building, home to the University of Montana's business school, you find studio 49, where one professor and his students are finding a new angle through podcasting.

“Our tagline is cool people doing awesome things in and around Montana,” said Justin Angle, creator and host of "A New Angle" podcast.

Justin Angle is an associate professor of marketing at UM and when he started looking for new, creative ways to teach his classes, he came across podcasts.

“And so using podcasts in class created more engagement with the material. And I thought, creating some material for my own class, a podcast with interviews, would be a good way to do that,” said Angle.

The podcast is a learning opportunity for business students, but Angle works in collaboration with the students in the journalism school as well. He noticed that there was a common learning opportunity for the two schools that the podcast provides- social media. After some time, Angle soon realized that he enjoyed creating the podcast.

“As I started doing some interviews, I realized that I really enjoy it," said Angle. "And to that, telling positive stories about things going on in the university, orbit. Kind of felt good to do that.”

“A New Angle” focuses on taking complex topics and breaking them down for viewers to understand through the guest experts.

“For me, what's exciting about the show is any guests we have on I think presents me and the audience the opportunity to learn something,” said Angle.

But to Angle, it’s a cycle of never-ending learning and one he can share with his students, the university and the Missoula community.

“Something unique about how the person approaches their work, creates value for their audience or customer, their constituents in some way,” said Angle.

You can listen to “A New Angle” on Montana Public Radio or on any streaming app, however you listen to your podcasts.