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Lost Trail Ski Area opens for the season

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Posted at 6:26 PM, Dec 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-04 11:46:57-05

LOST TRAIL — It is officially ski season here in western Montana.

One of the mountains where new COVID-19 procedures are not stopping the patrons from having a good time.

Thursday was opening day at Lost Trail Ski Area and despite only having two lifts open it was a success according to people who took advantage of the mountain.

"It was good you know it was powdery a little bit in the shadier spots you get more powder sunnier spots you got stickier stuff that kind of controlled you," said snowboarder, Scott Skelton.

A good start to the season and when more snow falls more of the mountain can open up.

"We would love to have another 18 inches to really get our north side open," said Lost Trail Co-owner, Judy Grasser.

Not a lot of changes come to the mountain this year but due to the pandemic, there are some changes to the lodge.

"Just the regular face coverings and having to control the amount of people we can let into a space at a time," Grasser said. "A lot of plexiglass in all the main face to face areas registers food line."

Despite the new procedures, the experience didn’t change for the regulars.

"Just went out there and had fun like every other year," said Skelton.

Only two lifts open to start the year but officials are anticipating a great ski season and hope to open up more of the mountain come Christmas

Lost Trail renovated parts of the lodge, including new bathrooms and a new retail area.

You can buy tickets, view how much of the mountain is open, and check the COVID-19 procedures by visiting Lost Trail's website.