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Montana family opens park in remembrance of son

Sawyer Ott Memorial Park pic
Posted at 2:21 PM, Jul 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-04 16:21:09-04

REED POINT - Losing a child is a tragedy that no family ever wants to experience.

But Audrey Ott in Reed Point has turned the tragedy into joy for others while keeping the memory of her son alive. On Feb. 27, 2021, the Otts lives turned upside down. That's the day they lost their two-year-old son Sawyer.

"It was a Saturday morning after we went to the dump, and we were just going on with our day and an unfortunate thing happened that you don’t ever think would happen to you," said Ott

They accidentally backed over their son in their driveway. Just 10 days after his second birthday. That tragedy gave rise to the Sawyer Ott Memorial Park in Reed Point. Sawyer loved parks and to be able to give joy to other families is what the Otts want more than anything.

"All those family memories, that’s all I have left. So, if my park can bring a memory to a family that they can treasure forever. That’s the best thing for me and what keeps this playground growing honestly," added Audrey.

Several fundraisers helped pay for the park. And while it’s now complete, the Otts aren’t done. They plan to add a new piece of playground equipment for Sawyer on his birthday every year until what would be his sixth birthday.

"Our playground is made for memorials and peace and love.... I feel like this is the closest park to heaven that you can get here in Reed Point," said Audrey.