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Montana Heritage Center nearly finishes steel beam structure

Montana Heritage Center nearly completes steel beam structure
Posted at 11:30 AM, May 09, 2022

HELENA - The Montana Historical Society’s Montana Heritage Center in Helena is making slow but steady progress.

"Even though it looks like we are making a lot of progress, we are in the earlier stages of the construction here. The project is slated to be completed at the end of 2024, so we still have about two two and half years of progress to go, but it is really exciting to see the shape of the building taking form," said Montana Historical Society Director Molly Kruckenberg.

She noted the $81 million project, had an original budget was $52 million. But donations like $25 million from Dennis and Phyllis Washington and The Sheehy Family with $500,000 have helped. Kruckenberg says the 66,000 square foot addition will be host to artifacts and exhibits in the Montana Historical Society's storage.

"It's really about all of our heritage throughout our state from Glendive to Libby. The entire state's history is covered here," said Kruckenberg.

With a little more than two years out from completion of the building, Kruckenberg is thankful to the neighbors of MHS for their patience with noise and less parking.

"We know in 2025 when this project is complete. It will be a benefit for all of the agencies, the community, and the entire capitol campus," said Kruckenberg.

The Montana Historical Society will have a topping-off ceremony on May 17th at 1 pm to complete the steel beam structure.

You can watch a livestream of the build here.