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Montana man's Ukrainian family safe in Germany after fleeing war

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Posted at 10:10 AM, Apr 04, 2022

BILLINGS - A Billings man heard on Sunday that his relatives made it safely from Romania to Germany after escaping Ukraine a few weeks ago.

The journey will be complete when they make it to the United States.

Yuri Abramov talks regularly with his brother Volodymyr on the computer and has been monitoring the family's progress.

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Yuri Abramov

"Every single night, every single day, we talking because I'm worried how they cross borders between many countries," Abramov said.

Yuri has lived in Montana for more than a quarter century and now wants his brother and his brother's grandkids, 14-year-old Max and six-year-old Milana to live in the United States.

"How successful they are moving from country to country closer to closer to United States," Abramov said.

The plan is to go from Germany to France to Mexico and then the US.

Abramov will reunite with his brother after more than 30 years and it's something his mother wanted to have happen when he left Ukraine.

"Finally, our mom's dream and my dream and of course brother dream that they stay in same house in same city, same country and never, never separate again," Abramov said.

His brother left a business behind but had to escape a dangerous situation in Ukraine.

"Most important if you can save your life and life of your grandkids and your kids, we can work together right here and we start new life in United States." Abramov said.