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Montana students honored for kindness shown to health care workers

Posted at 1:17 PM, Mar 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-03 15:17:19-05

BILLINGS — Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte stopped at Elysian School in Billings on Wednesday to present a group of middle school students with the Spirit of Montana Award for their kindness and compassion shown to local health care workers back at Christmas time.

"They've just worked so hard and they deserve something, even just cards, they deserve something for all of their hard work," said seventh grade student Maizee Hardy.

(Front) Maizee Hardy, a 7th grade student and Lighthouse Committee member at Elysian School, speaks with MTN News about the group's Spirit of Montana Award.

A total of 22 students are a part of the Elysian School Lighthouse Committee - which works to spread positivity at school and the wider community. The class split in half to work on two service projects. In the weeks leading up to Christmas amid the omicron variant surge of the COVID-19 virus, students knew exactly what they needed to do.

"We started brainstorming and then we came up with the idea to do a nurses appreciation, because there was a lot of nurses struggling and not being able to see their family. So we just wanted to give them a little basket, showing them that we cared," said Lily McCoy, an Elysian student in seventh grade.

Students in the Lighthouse Committee at Elysian Middle School pack gift bags for healthcare workers in Billings in 2021.

The students led a school community drive to raise donations for 50 gift bags to hand out at Billings Clinic and St. Vincent Healthcare during the holiday season. The bags were packed with gum, coffee, chocolates and cards with positive messages.

"We got a nice card from one of the nurses and she just said it made her day and just thank you so much for thinking of them," said Bethany Joy, Elysian teacher and Lighthouse supervisor.

Bethany Joy, Elysian Middle School teacher and Lighthouse Committee supervisor.

And someone else took note of the students' kindness too: Gov. Gianforte. It was a surprise when the whole school was called down for an assembly as the governor presented the students with the Spirit of Montana award for their community service.

"You recognized their extraordinary effort and you stepped up to make a difference, embodying what it means to be a good neighbor and serve others," Gianforte told the students.

"It was pretty shocking because none of us really knew what it was for, so it was kind of like a surprise when he walked through the door," McCoy said.

(Front) Lily McCoy, a 7th grade student and Lighthouse Committee member at Elysian School speaks with MTN News about the group's Spirit of Montana Award.

The Elysian students in the Lighthouse leadership class still have one more service project to do before the year is out. They haven't quite decided yet what they'll work on next, but they are in the brainstorming process.