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Montana wolfdog in the running to become America's Favorite Pet

Posted at 2:43 PM, Mar 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-24 16:43:14-04

LAUREL — Sigyn is a wolfdog from Laurel who’s in the running to become America’s Favorite Pet.

Not only are her owners hoping that she’ll win the competition, but they’re also trying to erase the stigma surrounding wolf dogs and wolf hybrids.

Named after the Norse goddess of victory and triumph, Sigyn isn’t like any other dog you’ve come across before.

“So she is predominantly wolf and malamute with wolf being her dominant DNA trait,” said her owner Roy Pack.


Pack and his wife Elizabeth Stevens have had the year-old wolf pup since she was just a couple of months old.

They’ve been training her to socialize and support elderly adults and special-needs individuals.

“Mainly her favorite thing though is to snuggle and love on everybody,” Pack said.

There’s a reason why the family lives in Laurel instead of Billings, which has municipal codes prohibiting any animal that has wolf genes or looks to be part wolf.

“You can be issued an immediate summons to turn the dog over to animal control, to be euthanized, and or removed from the city within 24 hours at the court’s discretion,” Pack said.

The couple is doing whatever it takes to educate the public on the unfairness of these municipal codes, and what better way to do so than enter Sigyn in America’s Favorite Pet competition.

The contest partners with the Paws Foundation.

“What the Paws organization does is they donate and help fund, homing animals in need,” Stevens said.

The foundation rehabilitates orphaned and injured wildlife as well as shelters and adopts homeless cats and dogs.

Sigyn is holding her own in the competition.

“Last I checked she was in first in the quarter-finals. She has to be in first by tomorrow afternoon at seven to move on to the semi-finals, “said Stevens.


The winner of the contest will be announced on April 7 and will receive $5,000 and a two-page spread in Dogster magazine. The couple isn’t just doing this for the money though.

“We really just want to use it as publicity for her, to help build her ambassadorship and help change unfair wolf dog laws throughout the states,” Stevens said.

You can vote for Sigyn in America’s Favorite Pet contest by visiting this link. The contest raises money for the Paw Foundation, a nationwide organization that supports homeless pets.

“How cool would it be to have one of the dogs here from Laurel in Montana win this whole national competition?” Stevens said.