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Montanans paying more for 4th of July barbecues

Posted at 9:56 AM, Jul 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-04 12:06:26-04

BILLINGS - A Farm Bureau survey shows about a 17% increase in the cost of a Fourth of July barbecue compared to last year.

Additionally, gas prices have gone up more than 50%.

Those higher costs may change the party but Americans are still going to celebrate.

Those shopping for groceries have noticed bigger prices even before the Fourth of July.

"Prices in general, like when you like get a gallon of milk, you're like, wow, I felt like this was you know, a little bit cheaper last year," said Laurel resident Augusta Williams.

"We were recently talking about the cost of groceries, is probably an extra $40 at least, which is significant for our little family," said Morgan Williams of Billings.

"A dollar lime each you know versus I recall in the past, you get four limes for $1 so increased quite a bit," said Danny Burke of Billings.

The American Farm Bureau Market Basket survey shows about a 17% increase this year, compared to the last two years for an independence day cookout.

"We definitely feel it just like everyone else does change," said Town & Country Foods assistant store manager Kegan McCarthy. "A lot of price changes and that's just kind of, you know, the way it is. A lot of businesses are charging fuel surcharges."

McCarthy said customers know that fuel costs and supply issues can affect prices and what's in stock, "they understand that you're not going to have everything all the time, especially in this day and age, so they're handling it pretty well."

Gas prices have gone up 53% compared to this time in 2021 with the Montana average price around 4.92 A gallon according to AAA. That may keep some closer to home, but does not deter the appreciation for America.

"It's our designated day to celebrate that, so yes, it is a big deal," Augusta Williams said.

"We're definitely thankful we live in America and don't take it for granted," Morgan Williams said.

"Have a general appreciation for your friends and family along with the American ideals and culture," Burke said.

"It's a really big one for us," McCarthy noted. "Absolutely."