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MSU professor dives into the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II

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Posted at 11:49 AM, Sep 09, 2022

BOZEMAN - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II — the United Kingdom’s longest-serving monarch — has died at Balmoral at the age of 96 after reigning for 70 years.

Dr. David Parker, department head of political science at MSU said she leaves behind a legacy of leading Britain through historic challenges and opening up the royal family to the public eye.

Born in 1926, you could say that the Queen had seen it all.

“She met 13 out of the last 14 presidents,” said Parker. “She reigned since 1952 and her coronation was the first to be televised.”

She remained resolute throughout horrific events in her personal life and guided her family into brighter days after a series of dramas.

“She was able to overcome all of that because of…frankly, her grace,” said Parker.

Parker — who teaches a study abroad British politics class at MSU — says the monarchy survived because the queen was able to adapt to modern times.

“And because she was very clear about separating those conventions making sure she never appeared political in any sense,” said Parker.

Parker is interested in seeing how the queen's death will impact the popularity of the royal family, now that King Charles III will be taking her place.

“One of the things with Charles is that he has always been more politically vocal so it'll be interesting to see if he continues that,” said Parker.

Parker says we might be able to see how much support for the monarchy comes from the institution itself or a symbolic person.

"The queen took it seriously that she was a living, breathing, emblem of Britain,” said Parker. “What will be interesting to see is whether or not King Charles III will be able to keep that legacy alive and protect the monarchy.”