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MT family searching for answers after dogs disappear from farm

Posted at 9:06 AM, Jan 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-06 11:06:47-05

MANHATTAN — Days before Christmas, a family thought it was just like any ordinary day. They let their dogs out in the yard but unfortunately, the dogs never returned.

“Not knowing where they are and how they are and just praying that they’re not being mistreated,” said Lori Kamerman with tears flowing down her face.

The Kamerman family runs a golden retriever breeding business and has several dogs on their farm. But lately the farm is missing three of the pups.

“December 22nd, my daughter came home from work and let them outside to use the bathroom and told me and I went out a few minutes later to check on them and they were gone," she explained.

“They went underneath the culvert, we had tracks following them under there, and then they came up on top of the road and their little footprints were kind of right by the road and they disappeared,” Kamerman said.

One of the missing dogs is pregnant and is expected to give birth soon, but the family is choosing to be hopeful about the motive behind the missing pets.

“My dogs don’t travel anywhere. We have a lot of land and they’ll follow my husband or the kids. But they’ve never left," she explained.

"We’re just assuming and maybe with it being a winter storm that evening I was hoping and praying that someone just picked them up to get them out of the cold,” Kamerman added.

And for this family, it’s more than a breeding business.

“They’re not just dogs. Those dogs are our family and a part of our family,” Kamerman said through tears.

If you hear, see or have any information you can contact the Kamerman family directly at