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MT man writing free, motivational letters to spread positivity

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Posted at 11:44 AM, Mar 08, 2021

HELENA — A man in Helena is bringing positivity to the community by writing free, motivational letters by request.

As an example, one letter begins with: “I’m proud of you. A friend of yours reached out to me and nominated you to receive a letter of motivation. I’m a complete stranger to her and you, but I'm not a stranger to sending strangers new ways to find motivation in their day.”

“We're all pretty blessed to have this life. I see every day as an opportunity to really make the most of that day because we never know when it's going to be our last one," says Kyle Osborne.

Making the most of the day is an enjoyment for Kyle Osborne. His lifestyle and brand focuses on being happy with yourself and spreading joy in the community. His latest project involves grabbing requests from the community to write a letter of motivation and delivering it to someone in need.

A Helena man is writing motivational letters to spread positivity

"A lot of these people who are getting nominated, I am sure they have been dealt a few bad cards just like anyone,” says Osborne, founder of Add Value. “If I can write some words that help these people know that just because they've been dealt a bad card doesn't mean the entire deck needs to be thrown away, then that's a letter that's successful"

This isn’t the first time Osborne has helped spread positivity. He’s also hosted events in 2020 helping local businesses make payroll and rent in just one day.

Osborne has been able to use his past and his brand, Add Value, to teach self-happiness. He’s sold over $8,000 worth of products since 2017 and has given away over $10,000 worth of products since then. He mentions that Add Value isn’t about the profit, it is about changing people’s lives towards a positive direction.

“At one point in my life, I was in a downward spiral, just like anyone had been. I had to figure out a way to get out of that and this company didn't necessarily save me, but it helped me start digging out of that hole to start seeing the positive stuff rather than seeing the negative,” says Osborne.

Add Value encourages everyone to do something impactful for about 15 minutes every day. They mention that it is 1% in one day’s time.

Osborne has a goal to write and deliver motivational letters for a thousand people whether in Helena or beyond. To contact and request a letter, click here.