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Museum of Mountain Flying holds annual Christmas toy donation

Posted at 6:39 PM, Dec 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-23 20:39:30-05

MISSOULA — We told you The Museum of Mountain Flying's Christmas event-"Red Sleighs Over Montana" needed toy donations.

Well they got those donations, thanks to you, and today, Santa's elves were able to deliver them to rural areas in our state.

It's a windy day here at the Missoula International Airport, because Santa and his helpers are stirring up some dust, getting ready to deliver toys all across Montana.

Red Sleighs Over Montana took to the skies on Wednesday. Harry and Ryan Miller watched as volunteers prepare for flight.

"That was very cool to see all those planes and helicopters taking off, on a really good mission," said Harry.

"I like lots of stuff with motors, so it was really cool seeing them take off," said Ryan.

This month, organizations teamed up to gather toy donations, and now those toys are on Santa's sleigh, heading to rural Montana. The red sleighs are stopping in 18 Montana towns that Santa sometimes has a hard time making it to.

"These are going to rural areas that don't have as much support as we have here in Missoula, so I think it's just going to make a lot of kids happy that might not have otherwise received toys this Christmas," said Julie Lynch.

Families are struggling financially, but the organizers want to bring them a happy holiday.

"I think it's been a tough year for everyone, so to close it out on a high note is a really exciting thing during the holidays." Organizers said community donations, volunteer pilots, and some holiday spirit, helped this all come together.

"This whole thing really was kind of on a whim," said Forest.

"Fliers, everything came out in a week and half's time," said Julie.

More than enough time for 1,000 toys to make it from Missoula, to under the Christmas tree.

The planes and helicopters are making stops all over, from Eureka to Plains to Cut Bank, where families can meet them to pick up the gifts.