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Portion of Universal Athletic joining national brand; retail remains the same

Posted at 4:58 PM, Mar 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-02 19:10:51-05

BOZEMAN - Universal Athletic stores are a staple across the state of Montana. They recently announced some news that they're taking part of the company to join a national brand.

“When you have a company and you build it and have been involved in the business for 50 years, and an opportunity comes up you take advantage,” says Larry Aasheim, Universal Athletic Interim President.

For 50 years Universal Athletic has served Montana, and now its team sales join a national brand called Game One.

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“We started this thing together 51 years ago. Just out of the trunk of our car,” says Aasheim.

“We started this thing together 51 years ago. Just out of the trunk of our car,” says Aasheim.

They take pride in their community involvement so much so odds are you probably got your letterman jacket there.

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Letterman jackets lined up at Universal Athletics in Bozeman

“I think we are a big part of our community, we've been involved in youth programs and supporting different programs in the community,” says Aasheim

The Universal Athletic you know isn't changing, what is changing is the team sales division is joining 8 others to form Game One a company that will focus on team sales.

“We sold off that team sales division of our company,” says Aasheim.

They make sure that customers know that Universal athletic will still be the same.

As far as the face of our company and our retail piece of our company nothing has changed, the ownership remains the same,” says Aasheim

Reflecting on the changes over the last 51 years Aasheim says.

“It's been my life, it's been what I've done, and I never even thought of it as work.”