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Shooters compete at 'Montana Governor's 20'

Posted at 11:33 AM, Aug 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-15 13:33:02-04

SHELBY - Twenty of the best law enforcement shooters met at the Marias fairgrounds in Shelby for some friendly competition at the shooting range.

The Montana Governor's 20 features the top shooters in law enforcement from around the state in which they compete in various exercises.

On Saturday, they engaged in a 90-shot timed course, shooting from different distances and positions.

Will Cordes has been calling the match several times, dating back to when it was hosted in Missoula in 1996.

"We're back in Shelby, and we enjoy being in Shelby. We've been hosting it in August as far as I remember. We invite every law enforcement agency we can, but because of the size of Montana, having a turnout can be quite a challenge sometimes," Cordes said. "I've come up here from Missoula, and I'm sure there are folks who have come further away than that."

Aside from the competition, organizers say that the event is all about bringing retired and current law enforcement members together as they all showcase their skills.

Neil Duram — who has been part of Montana Highway Patrol since 1994 — says there is a lot of tradition in an event like this and discusses how meaningful it is for law enforcement to be a part of this annual event that has been around for at least than 30 years."

"I shot it since 1997. The emphasis on the course is accuracy, but the real benefit is comradery among law enforcement officers. We come from all over the state, we compete, the competition is kind of our 'stress inoculation' process," Duram said.