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Shovelers show up to prepare Bobcat Stadium for Griz-Cat game

Posted at 10:35 AM, Nov 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-18 12:37:24-05

BOZEMAN - Students are putting in some hard work and elbow grease at Bobcat Stadium to make things presentable for Saturday’s game.

But, this isn’t free labor we’re talking about.

“We get paid $20 an hour,” says Ian Waldecker, a senior at MSU who was at the stadium working.

“We're just cleaning out the stadium for all the fans on Saturday, says Waldecker.

Waldecker says the pay is a plus but he’d still be out here helping regardless.

"I believe it’s always a good day to be a bobcat so if they need help shoveling snow I’m always happy to do that,” says Waldecker.

Dozens of students were up in the stands on Wednesday, November 16, shoveling away after receiving 3"-to-6" of snow the night before.

Dakota Pint works for the MSU sports facility and says thankfully they have many helping hands.

“Volunteers come, football players were out here this morning, even coaches,” says Pint. “So there’s a lot of people from the community that come out and help us.”

Students can come to the ticket office on Thursday or they may sign up in advance with Justin Lammi at 406-994-7117 or

Current student employees will only need to bring a photo ID.

Students who are not university employees will need to fill out hiring paperwork and provide a photo ID and work eligibility documents, such as a birth certificate or Social Security card.

Shovelers should park in Bobcat Stadium lots but cannot leave their vehicles overnight.

Dress warmly. Shovels will be provided.

“It takes a team to beat the Griz every year and I think we’ll be ready,” says Waldecker.