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Some Montana residents concerned over politically offensive flags

Posted at 2:28 PM, Jan 11, 2022

LOCKWOOD — America is politically divided these days, but some Lockwood residents say that a line has been crossed in their community.

They say that flags sporting offensive language aren’t just divisive, but also vulgar.

“Very, very, vulgar,” said one woman, who asked to be referred to as Linda.

She says things have gotten out of hand, "there isn’t logic really anymore, it’s just unreal."

Flags and signs sporting the “F” word have become a common sight along North Frontage Road in Lockwood.

The items are being sold at a roadside stand.

“It’s just awkward, unnerving,” Linda said.

Linda says this isn’t about politics. To her, it doesn’t matter who the candidate is on these flags, Republican or Democrat. It’s the offensive language that crosses the line.

“I’m all for one having the right to speak, but if you can’t make a statement without vulgarity, perhaps the statement should be left unsaid,” Linda said.

These signs are displayed in a high-traffic area for all to see.

“Kids are getting picked up from school, these signs are out there hanging around, the buses are there,” Linda said.

Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder says although the profanity-laced signs may be offensive, they are congruent with the First Amendment and there’s not much law enforcement can do.

The man who sells these signs declined to speak to MTN News but did acknowledge that many residents have told him that they’re offended. He says he’s ignoring them.

There’s little that Lockwood residents like Linda can do, except try to ignore them, as well.

“Everything has just gone so crazy,” Linda said.