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Special cider 'Blend' is collecting apples from around Bozeman

Posted at 10:31 AM, Oct 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-04 12:33:26-04

BOZEMAN — The orchard of choice seems to be in the backyard of the citizens of Bozeman, as the third annual ‘Bozeman Backyard Blend’ continues.

Lockhorn Cider House is collecting apples from anyone and everyone, from crab apples to standard apples, to blend together for a true community cider. A donation of 25 pounds will earn you a free pint or can of cider.

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The Bozeman Symphony, Gallatin Watershed Council, and Haven, are the three different organizations that will be given proceeds.

Anna Deal and her husband have owned Lockhorn Cider House for seven years, and believe that the ‘Bozeman Backyard Blend’ is a fun way to connect the community, while simultaneously giving back.

“We are able to turn something that would otherwise go to waste, into great tasting cider,” Deal continues, “We keep the bears from being attracted to people’s backyards which is a win, but the bears may disagree.”

Once the blend is complete, and ordered by a customer, they will have the opportunity to choose one of three non-profits that a portion of the price will go towards.

The Bozeman Symphony, Gallatin Watershed Council, and Haven are the three different organizations that will be given proceeds.

Haven, a non-profit that assists survivors of intimate partner violence, will use the money to fund services such as the 24-hour support line — (406) 586-4111 — their shelter, advocacy program, and much more.

Erica Coyle is the executive director of Haven, and highlights the value of bringing the community together.

“What I love is that it brings together all types of non-profits…Really building community, our staff got to go out and pick apples yesterday, and really to be part of that giving back to Haven, and the other organizations getting to participate in this with Lockhorn,” Coyle said.

In years past, over 15,000 pounds of apples have been collected, with hopes this year collecting more than 3,000 pounds.