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Storm causes damage in Lewistown

Storm causes damage in Lewistown
Posted at 8:26 AM, Jul 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-09 10:26:22-04

LEWISTOWN — Some people in Lewistown had a lot of cleaning up to do Thursday after a powerful storm moved through Wednesday.

Thankfully, as of Thursday afternoon, there were no reports of injuries but there was certainly damage.

The neighborhood directly across the street from Fergus County High School appeared to be the epicenter of the damage from Wednesday's strong storm.

One sign was a twisted-up trampoline. While it was back in the yard of its owner, during the storm on Wednesday it actually blew across the street and landed on a neighbor's car.

"Our streets were all blocked off. when we came up, we ended up coming into the parking lot just to make sure that we could get in. They had fire trucks and everything,” Rebecca Rosman, who lives in the house where the trampoline blew away from, said.

Rosman feared the worst when she found her neighborhood inaccessible Wednesday shortly after the storm moved through. "We thought they were actually blocking off our house, so we thought maybe a tree fell on the house,” Rosman said.

Luckily, no tree fell on the house.

Across the street, however, a tree appeared to have fallen on her neighbor's house. "It almost looked like a tornado had whipped through,” Rosman said of the storm.

At her next-door neighbor's house, a tree lay in pieces in the front yard Thursday and in the beds of multiple pickup trucks in the driveway. "It was just covered on the roof,” said David McCall, whose sister lives at the home.

He said she was home at the time the storm came through and she and the house were fine. He was at the hospital during the storm and rode it out in his truck.

"I'd get blasted from the side and then all of a sudden it'd start trying to push me, you know?” McCall said.

Another sign of Wednesday's storm? The marquee at Fergus County High School. The big, heavy metal sign was bent over, seemingly nearly ripped off its metal post.

"We were actually looking at bids to replace that, make it a little bit newer and bigger, that kind of thing. So maybe Mother Nature was looking out for us,” said Fergus County Superintendent Thom Peck.

Peck said a few metal panels on the front of the school also had to be resecured but the building was otherwise undamaged.

As of Thursday afternoon, the total amount of damage Wednesday's storm caused was still unclear.