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Teen publishes sci-fi book set in Montana

Ashton Moseman
Posted at 1:10 PM, Feb 02, 2022

LEWISTOWN — Ashton Moseman, a high school senior in Lewistown, has published his first book, called "Digitized," that is set in Montana.

The last few years have been full of plot twists for Ashton so, it only makes sense the book he wrote has one, too.

“My favorite part of the book is probably the middle of the story where it takes a massive twist. Massive turn in the plot. I don’t anyone had seen it coming who has read it and I don’t think anyone will see it coming,” he said.

He drew inspiration from video games and shows and put his thoughts into a book that has been a challenging yet rewarding experience for him.

“It was definitely a challenge a lot of the time between schoolwork and this,” Moseman admitted. “My laptop did a lot of the juggling for me. I managed my time pretty effectively though.”

Ashton began writing Digitized in the summer of 2019, then had to delay his work when COVID-19 hit.

He said he balanced his time between schoolwork, haying, and writing effectively, and put most of his free time from the past few years all into just under 200 pages of work.

“I had the same story playing over in my head again and again and I thought, well it wouldn’t hurt to put it down on paper because it’s a good story. I think I’d like to share this.”

For Ashton, it’s more than a book - it’s a chance to share his thoughts with others. He has plans to make the story a trilogy but for now, he is enjoying the last few years of hard work he’s put into becoming a published author.

“I think the biggest goal I achieved was the accomplishment of putting a movie basically playing in my head down on actual paper that other people could read and see it in their head.”

Ashton will host a book signing at the Lewistown library on Feb. 12 from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. You can also find his book on Amazon by clicking here.

Identical twins Adalyne and Morgan have been hired by their great uncle Tom as security for a brand new tech complex currently under construction. Tom owns a company by the name of J.T. Cybernetics and, in 1998, was responsible for creating the first autonomous android in the world. Due to its negative history, it is threatened by aggressive protestors willing to do anything in their power to stop the company. Adalyne and Morgan attempt to dig up the town’s buried past and find more than what they can handle.

In addition to the book signing, Moseman turned part of the story into a real-life scavenger hunt with clues spread throughout the book; click here for details.