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Time to plan ahead for hunting season in Montana

FWP Hunting Guide 2022
Posted at 12:32 PM, Aug 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-04 14:51:35-04

The best hunting comes around September, October, and November in Montana, but for some, the season begins as early as Aug. 15 with antelope archery.

No matter your familiarity with the area, there are steps one can take to prepare themselves properly for the season.

One such step is making sure all gear is in working condition, whether it be clothing, vehicles, guns or bows.

The longer hunters wait to service their guns and bows in particular, the less likely they will be able to get fixed as gunsmiths and mechanics become bogged down with older requests.

Staying in good shape by routinely hiking, running, or climbing helps to keep stamina up for long treks through the wilderness.

Scouting an area of land you wish to hunt is equally important, though it’s important to recognize that conditions change.

Knowing where you’re hunting is important. Knowing the distinction between public and private land can help keep you safest.

Dave Hagengruber, manager of the wildlife communication & education department said,

“Don’t show up at six in the morning on opening day and expect to be greeted warmly by a landowner if that happens," advised Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FEP) spokesman Dave Hagengruber.

By staying in contact with private landowners now, and having a plan, hunters can avoid potential trouble.

FWP is introducing all-new electronic tags this year, which can be accessed via mobile phone.

Standard paper tags are still available but the option exists for those who enjoy a condensed overview of their hunting permit information.

By remembering general firearm safety and staying one step ahead of the tourists and large crowds, hunters can ensure a safe and successful season.

Visit the FWP site for more information.

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