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US Forest Service is hiring for seasonal positions in Montana

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Posted at 10:30 AM, Oct 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-04 12:31:31-04

National forests help define the Montana landscape and the US Forest Service is looking for people to help manage and care for an important part of Montana's outdoors.

“It's just a really special experience. There's nothing like it. And for someone who's passionate about the outdoors, and they really like to work hard, and they like thinking independently and on the go, then I would absolutely recommend seasonal work with the Forest Service for them,” said Helena Ranger District Range Technician Alex Eggie.

The USFS relies on seasonal work in order to complete necessary projects during the warm summer months. The types of jobs available to seasonal workers vary from botany to archaeology to recreation techs.

But the primary window to apply for these positions is relatively small. For example, positions for the Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest opened on Sept. 29 and only stay open through Oct. 6.

“You know, the motto of the agency is serving the people, caring for the land. It feels good to get up every day and do something that's, you know, has impacts both for your local community and the long-term health of the forest,” says Public Affairs Officer at Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest, Chiara Cipriano.

Eggie has worked in seasonal positions for the past four summers. When she isn’t working for the Forest Service, she’s a substitute teacher.

“You know, being in places that not a lot of people get to go to was something that really stuck with me. And just having an all-around satisfying sensation after you get off work really stuck with me, as well. And I knew that I wanted to stick working with the Forest Service,” Eggie told MTN News.

Additional information about the USFS temporary jobs and how to apply for a position can be found at