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Big Sky Resort winds down season with annual Pond Skim

Posted at 12:24 PM, Apr 21, 2019

BIG SKY – Big Sky Resort hosted its annual Pond Skim event for the closing day of ski season on Saturday.

Dozens of skiers and snowboarders made their way down the mountain as they tried to gain enough speed to skim across two ponds of water.

“When I was at the top I was pretty nervous, but once I started skiing it was fun,” said Townsend Reed.

“It was pretty nerve-wracking at the top, but once I got there, it was just like powder,” said Blaze Ballantyne.

The event brought hundreds to spectate as people would either ski, skim or swim. Isabel Russo from Butte made it across the pond with her friend Carson Huckert from Bozeman.

“It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was really nervous coming down,” said Russo. Especially right before I hit the pond, I was like ‘Oh gosh, what am I doing here?’.”

But the real star of the show was Robert Enigl from Bozeman who made it across on a monoski.

“I am just glad I didn’t drown,” said Enigl. “I am an anchor. It was great. I had a blast up top hanging with my buddies and it was fun, and I got across and didn’t drown. So I am happy.”

Enigl was one of the last people to make it through the course before the pond skim was shut down early due to lightning.

-Mederios Babb reporting for MTN News