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Sen. Tester hosts Montana town hall event

Event touched on several issues
Jon Tester Town Hall
Posted at 9:25 AM, Oct 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-04 16:18:36-04

BILLINGS — Senator Jon Tester held a town hall in Billings Thursday and was asked what politicians in DC can do to inspire youth to have an interest in politics.

He says politicians can inspire younger generations through professionalism.

"This whole issue - the impeachment is a prime example. I think you've got to keep your mind open, keep the politics out of if, and try to do what's best for the country - that's why I'm here," Sen. Tester said.

When asked about the Green New Deal, Tester says it is important to have debate from both sides. He added that it's not getting discussed because there are too many non-climate issues in the bill.

Today, cattle prices for ranchers, public lands, health care, and veterans issues were among the other concerns as well as U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods.

"Most everybody will tell you, if not everybody, that you can put tariffs on China but if you don't have your allies with you, they're not very effective and i think that's what we've seen over the last year plus is that the tariffs have been put on but they're just waiting us out," Sen. Tester said.

"If we had more of our allies along, number one, we wouldn't lose those markets and number two, i think China would come to time a lot quicker. And by the way, they're doing bad things to us but they're doing bad things to Australia, Argentina and all those other countries, so they should want to join us," the Democrat added.

Some of the other issues brought up at the town hall meeting included immigration, dark money in campaigns, and mental health.