Montana shares vaccination distribution plan

Posted at 10:44 PM, Nov 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-24 10:30:11-05

As positive cases pile up and more deaths are reported, hope for an approved COVID-19 vaccine grows stronger.

On Monday the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services announced a statewide team that will help answer some questions surrounding the vaccine.

The state external COVID-19 Vaccination Plan Coordination Team, made up of Montana medical, tribal, government, and community leaders will also give feedback as the process rolls out.

The state has a draft plan that will likely remain in draft form for the duration of this pandemic, as we learn more each day.

And Montanans must know that no matter what happens, it won't be an instant fix.

"First initial round of vaccine once it becomes available next month will be available on a limited basis to, you know, the frontline workers, the frontline health care workers, those at most risk for COVID and things like that. And so, for most, most Montanans, it won't be available until later on in 2021," said Montana DPHHS public information officer, Jon Ebelt.

The draft states the vaccine will be distributed in a three-phase approach:

Phase one - within the first two months.

This goes to targeted critical workforce that includes essential responders and people at the highest risk.

Phase two - between three and six months - expanded dispensing. This is the second dosing for phase one recipients and first dosing for prioritized groups.

Phase three - six months and beyond - expand and normalize distribution and public dispensing. At this point, it's believed there will be sufficient supply.