MSU-Northern hosts TekNoXpo for high-schoolers

High school students visit MSU-Northern in Havre
MSU-Northern in Havre
Posted at 11:24 AM, Oct 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-17 13:24:37-04

HAVRE — MSU-Northern in Havre is used to having kids from around Montana on campus, and on October 13th, they played host to high schoolers from around the Big Sky for their annual TekNoXpo and ShowCASE, having high schoolers go to college for a day.

"The main point of this event is just that it's kind of a recruiting event for high schools around Montana just to show them what programs we have and do some hands on stuff," MSUN Communications director Emilee Luke said.

"I think the main reason it's so important is Northern offers a lot more than I think most people realize in the state. It shows people there's a lot going on up here. It helps getting kids introduced to not only what college is about, but how many different options they have."

High schoolers broke up into different tracks and went to college for a day getting hands-on experience in different fields of study. They spent the day learning about the courses Northern has and finding out more of what they like.

"It's pretty fun, you know, we're just launching rockets," Choteau senior Garrett Took said. "You get to make them and modify them. We made them and learnt a bit about 3D printing."

The high schoolers got valuable stuff out of it and got plenty of excitement as well. Farm and ranch equipment, a brand new Corvette, and 3d rockets were just a handful of things the high schoolers got to work with.

"I've been to college expos and all that, but this is more of a hands on experience," Wolf Point senior Deray Peltier said. "It was a long drive from Wolf Point but definitely worth it. I'm learning a lot."

All in all, around 400 high schoolers got a valuable experience doing things like working on cars, shooting off 3D printed rockets, and much more.

"I like it. It's really fun. This is a really good experience for me so I can learn new things," Choteau junior Lilly Foster said. "I would recommend coming and doing things like this and just college fairs in general because they're really fun."