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Mission Valley parents look to keep late daughter's memory alive

jordan teeples
jordan teeples
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Posted at 2:41 PM, Nov 04, 2021

MISSOULA — The repercussions of a deadly car crash in Ravalli County in early September are still being felt today. Not only because a life was lost, but because of what that life encompassed.

Jordan’s Teeple’s life was cut short at age 30 in a car crash near Stevensville in September. Her three daughters survived the accident, and the driver -- her boyfriend Jarrid Canfield -- now faces felony charges.

jordan teeples

MTN News spoke to Jordan’s parents who want her memory to remain. Nestled beneath Mission Mountains in St. Ignatius is a spot that’s quite the piece of paradise, an undeniably great place to grow up.

“As a child, she was just a little sweetheart,” Jeff Teeple, Jordan’s father.

Her mother, Karen Teeple, agreed; “Yes, she was an animal lover.”

joran teeple memorial

Jordan is remembered as an animal lover to a fault. She was that kid asking her parents to take in strays. “Actually, one of the cats we got, she brought to us,” Jeff said, referencing a 16-year-old cat named Tigger.

The light of Jordan’s life was her kids, three daughters and one son she leaves behind. “She was a proud mom. We’re proud grandparents,” Jeff said.

teeples family

But Jeff and Karen Teeple tell MTN News, Jordan’s life was troubled with what they describe as a decade-long abusive relationship.

“She would not come out and tell us what happened, but she would come home and you would see bruises all over her,” Karen said.

“It just continued to get worse and worse as the years went on. And, you know, we've tried, we tried talking to her like all parents do in a situation. But your hands are tied. I mean, if they won't, they don't leave, there's nothing you can do." - Jeff Teeple

The first known incident between Jordan Teeple and Jarrid Canfield involving law enforcement was on Dec. 4, 2019, in Lake County. MTN News obtained court documents detailing what happened after.

Canfield pleaded guilty to a charge of Partner or Family Member Assault and in June of 2020, he was sentenced to suspended jail time and 40 hours of the Safe Harbor Batterer’s Intervention Program, or similar program.

Jarrid Canfield
Jarrid Canfield

A warrant for Canfield’s arrest issued in June of 2021 states he failed to appear in court after violating the conditions of his plea agreement. The alleged violation: he did not enroll in or complete a 40-hour intervention program.

Jeff Teeple recounted what he remembers of the 2019 incident to MTN News.

“I asked the cop when he left, ‘you're gonna turn this over to CPS or, or you know what's gonna happen?’ and he goes well, he goes, ‘Yeah, he goes, I'll do you know, I'm gonna do that.’ Anyways, never, never heard another word,” Jeff said.

teeples docs

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline leaving an abusive setting is dangerous.

“I think that's what she was afraid of. That's why she didn't leave,” Karen said.

Jeff and Karen say the day of the fatal accident, Jordan was attempting to return to St. Ignatius after the family had relocated to Stevensville in June.

“She was telling him that she was going to leave. She got in contact with a girlfriend here in town...and asked her if she could stay with her,” Karen said, “That was on the sixth of September.”

teeples home

On Sept. 7, Jordan, Jarrid, and their three daughters were driving near Stevensville when the crash occurred. Court documents report one child told a nurse her father had both hands off the steering wheel and was assaulting her mother.

Jarrid Canfield is currently facing charges of Negligent Homicide, three counts of criminal endangerment, and a Partner or Family Member Assault in Ravalli County.

“I knew when we got the call about Jordan. I knew there was something wrong. I just had a feeling,” Jeff said.

jordan teeples

“So, we raced into the hospital and they had her alive on the machines, but she was already gone,” Karen said.

The week prior to the crash, Jordan went to visit her parents for the last time.

“I'm glad so glad that that happened because actually the last time I saw Jordan alive, I was sitting right here and she gave me a kiss and a hug goodbye,” Jeff said.

Jordan’s light will be remembered by her children, her parents, and her community. Jordan is leaving something radiant behind.

“Everybody loved her. She was just a bright spot. Everybody loves seeing her. She had this bright red hair. She talked really loud, I don't know where that came from, and they loved her." - Karen Teeple

MTN News reached out to Jarrid Canfield’s attorney for this story who said he was unable to provide comment at this time.