Millions prep for flooding as Tropical Storm Gordon eyes Midwest

Posted at 9:14 PM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 23:14:22-04

MADISON, Wis.  – Overnight, Tropical Storm Gordon hit the Gulf Coast, dumping rain and powerful winds of 70 mph on three states, spawning tornadoes and kicking up heavy surf in its wake. Parts of the Florida panhandle received more than 10 inches of rain in 24 hours.

In Pensacola, a 10-month-old baby was killed when a large limb from an oak tree fell on a mobile home. Mississippi is experiencing rain and traffic snarls, but otherwise, dodged a bullet.

“There are no injuries, no loss of life,” said Gov. Phil Bryant.

Some blessings even crossed the border to Orange Beach, Alabama, where a church steeple toppled, narrowly averting disaster.

“It’s amazing, it came straight down off the side of the building and it landed upright,” said Pastor Robert Gardner.

Flooding remains the biggest threat for millions of Americans as the storm moves towards an already waterlogged Midwest. Places like La Valle, Wisconsin, have already seen more than a foot of rain.

Residents like Eleanor Ekern are salvaging what they can, “it will take time to get back to everything. What can you do?”

-Demarco Morgan reporting for CBS News

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